Cold Days

“They only come when it’s cold.” “Aye” said Kawhi, “but is it the cold that brings the Swarm, or the Swarm that brings the cold?”. Kawhi carried on with his routine preparing his bandages for his daily rest, he was no newcomer to the Wind Division and had grown quite accustom to the cold air as it helped his slumber. “They come together, as one, that’s all that matters.” D-Thom looked across his campground as his team prepared for Week 2, a common look of disbelief about what had just unraveled in the prior days loomed among his men. The Lightning fell victim to their division rivals Minnesota Swarm in an act of vengeance that had brewing for two years. The Swarm boasted the Kitchen’s best record two years ago, only to find themselves lost amid the trails of their victory tour the following year. Lonzo knew there was no time for rest and despite the outcome, this time he had a valiant crew of future Soup Kitchen stars on this campaign. There was no time for rest, he bumped Bam and helped saddle Kawhi onto his horse. The thought of sliding down the standings made his gut wrench. Then there it was, ash. Lonzo quickly glanced up at the sight of it as the remainder of his teammates emerged from the campsite. “Who in four divisions hell do you think goes there!?”, barked Myles Turner. A rumbling was heard at the tree line, the air had grown increasingly sparse and dry. It was Paul George standing tall with the 51 point Dallas loss burning in his eyes, the Volcanoes had arrived. Week 2 begins…

10 Years of Soup

Hello weary traveler! It’s been a long and difficult road to this moment, hasn’t it? You may ask yourself, where am I?, how did I get here?, and well simply…is this real? I’m here to inform you that yes, this is very real and well…how you got here really isn’t that important. Where you are, ah well that is the most difficult of them all to explain. Among you is a treasure trove of heroic voyages, songs of hope, and riches that tempt even the most frugal men. Within these walls you’ll find logs from the deepest crypts in the land, an ol’ pipe that was a sea captains best mate, blueprints of machines that took to the skies, and even furnaces that some say once burnt so hot it could scorch the sun. My friend, you have stumbled upon the Soup Kitchen Vault; a fabled place that many have sought to find, but until this moment – none have, welcome!

To my Soup Kitchen brothers – let this website serve as a landing ground for the great history of our league. It’s been an incredible 10 years, here’s to the next decade!