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According to the experts from homework help online service Tale of Two Cities Essay Topics can be easily chosen if you know the entire story and the theme of the book and even better if you have bit of exposure to world history too. The book was written in background of the French Revolution. Dickens, the author of this book, was one of the most known and reputed writers in the Victorian Period. The book also has the record of being the most printed Fiction book, selling more than 200 million copies.

Since the main theme of this book is of the French Revolution, the Tale of Two Cities Essay Topic could be extracted from some of the sources provided below

• The Background of the story
• The theme and symbols
• The construction of the book
• How the book was received
• Character studies

And if you wish to focus on characters only, there are many other powerful ones, in addition to Dr Mannette, who was the father of Lucy and was sent to jail wrongly, that too for long 18 years!
You can also wish to write about his daughter, Lucy, who tries freeing her father and who afterward marries Charles Darney. Charles was a French aristocrat.


Whatever the essay topic is, it gives a natural advantage to the person who has really read the full book beforehand. This makes one visualize the events and characters of the time when they read. This automatically paints the picture in the reader’s mind and when he or she sits to write an essay or a paper about it, the job becomes highly simplified.

Useful tips: Study.pdf

And if you decide to focus and write only on themes, then you can use some of the following:

• Perspective

The quote:”it was the best of times, it was the worst times” actually tries to give the readers a message that a condition could be apparently positive or negative at the same time, depending upon the view point of the perceiver.

• Class struggle

Another important theme of the book is about the constant fight and struggle between those having privileges and those having none, the poor people.

• Self-Sacrifice

This element is aptly elaborated by Sydney Carton’s character. He decides to give his own life for Lucy’s contentment. This creates a means of escape for Darney.

• Prison Reforms

The author also tries to send the message to the readers the ill effects of imprisonment by using the example of Dr Mannette’s mental illness and being reduced to very bad state.

And as said before, reading the complete book gives the writer an extra advantage. This helps the writer get the gist of every concept and character presented in novel. Take your teacher’s advice when writing an essay on satire essay topics.

And when you’re not able to find, or decide upon what Tale of Two Cities Essay Topic to choose, you can always do a little research on the internet or ask your instructor too if they could suggest anything good! Satire topics are usually assigned to those taking creative writing and literature courses.

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