Top Chef

Awarded to the Soup Kitchen Coach of the Year, voted by your fellow Soup Kitchen managers.

Star Value:

Top Chef Leaders:

  1. Blake Anthony (1)
  2. Ahmad Abed (1)
  3. David Thomas (1)
  4. Paul Troy (1)
  5. David Buchanan (1) 
  6. Brandon Boatman (1)
  7. Paxson Spears (1)
  8. Matt Ussery (1)
  9. Meelod Heydari (1)
  10. Nick DiPrizio (1)
  11. Kent Taylor (1)

Regular Season Record: 16-4

Team: Dallas Generals

Coach: Kent Taylor

Regular Season Record: 14-4

Team: Denver Outlaws

Coach: Nick DiPrizio

Regular Season Record: 9-3

Team: Sutherland Sharks

Coach: Meelod Heydari

Regular Season Record: 16-2

Team: Minnesota Swarm

Coach: Matt Ussery

Regular Season Record: 15-3

Team: San Francisco Admirals

Coach: Paxson Spears

Overall Record: 12-6

Team: Milwaukee Mammoths

Coach: Brandon Boatman

Overall Record: 12-6

Team: Seattle Clippers

Coach: David Buchanan

Overall Record: 15-3

Team: Tampa Bay Mutiny

Coach: Paul Troy

Overall Record: 13-5

Team: London Lightning

Coach: David Thomas

Overall Record: 15-3

Team: Minnesota Swarm

Coach: Ahmad Abed

Regular Season Record: 13-5

Team: Maui Volcanoes

Coach: Blake Anthony